User permissions


Lynkos offers the possibility to assign different access levels to the users of your company so that they can work in a collaborative way. 

There are different permissions for Lynkos users.

Admin. Allows full control over Lynkos functionalities. Can use every feature and see all of the company's information (contacts, deals, cases, and projects). Users in this group can invite other users to be part of your team.

Standard. Standard users can use all Lynkos features and see all contacts, deals, cases, and projects. Unlike Admins, they have restricted access to invite other users and mass deleting. 

Limited. This type of user has restricted access to the features of the platform. They can only see the contacts, deals, cases, and projects they create or are assigned to them by other users. Limited users can segment the information that users of the company see. This access level is very useful for users that, given the nature of their job, need to see only part of the information. One common use is for the external salesman. they can visualize their deals and contacts but they do not have access to all of the company's contacts and deals. 


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