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Complete your profile

Completing your profile will help your business get noticed by others and find more leads.  The most complete profiles appear on top in the business directory and are suggested more frequently to potential customers.

Information you might consider adding:

-Logo & Cover Image

-A description of your company and the products and services you offer.

-Your contact info, including website and social media.

Connect with other businesses/Send a business introduction

When establishing a connection with potential customers, they will be able to see your new offers and updates whenever you post them. Additionally, connections allow you to see other company’s complete information and start a conversation. Send a business introduction to potential customers you are interested in and let them know they ways you can work together.

Submit a post

Everything you share with the network will appear in your connection’s home feed. You can even connect your Facebook and LinkedIn account to share your update in all of your social media at the same time.

Publish a product or service

Let your potential customers know the products and services they can find in your business. When you publish a product or service, it will automatically be posted in your connections news feed so that they are aware of your company’s news.

Activate Opportunities 

Start receiving business opportunities right to your inbox by activating opportunities. Every time a company posts a need where you qualify as a supplier, you will be notified.

Import contacts

Have a database of existing customers? Import them to Lynkos from multiple sources and start building a relationship where loyalty prevails. Keep track of your customer’s activity, their contact information updated and in one place.

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