Get the most out of Lynkos platform


Lynkos was designed to be an all-in-one solution for businesses. This means our goal is to help your company achieve yours. Lynkos can be used to boost sales, get potential customers and manage your relationship with existing ones to improve their brand loyalty. The platform makes it easy to search for leads and contact them while notifying you about business opportunities according to the products and services you offer.

Here are some guidelines to make the most out of Lynkos:

-Get qualified leads and send them business introductions to let them know about your business and the products and services you offer. To learn about the different ways of getting leads, visit this article.

-Connect with other businesses that interest you and publish your products and services in your profile. Your connections will see those publications in their home page feed.

-If you activate opportunities, you will receive requests from other companies that are in need of the products and services you offer. To get more information about activating opportunities, click here.

-Use the CRM section to manage and improve your relationship with leads and customers. More about CRM, here.  



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