How do I export my contacts to MailChimp?


In order to export your contacts to MailChimp, you must first integrate your Lynkos account with your MailChimp account. To do so please follow this link: How do I integrate my Lynkos account with MailChimp?

If you have already integrated your account with MailChimp, please follow these steps to export your contacts:

1. Go to Contacts

2. If you want you can use the filters on the left to refine results

3. Select the contacts you want to export, do this by clicking the checkbox on the left of the contacts list.

3. Click Export to list on the top of the contacts page and select the MailChimp list where you want to add your Contacts. Then click Save.

4. Only contacts with e-mail address will be exported into MailChimp.

5. You are now ready to send e-mail campaigns to your contacts from MailChimp!


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