How can I add custom fields?


If you need to add information into Lynkos and the fields are not there, you can create them. Follow these steps to know how to create your own custom fields:

1. On the top right corner of your screen, click on your username and then in My Profile
2. Click on the Custom Fields item on the left menu.
3. Type in your custom fields.


What types of custom fields are available?

Best when you want to use decimal numbers (ie.: 5.)
Street Address
If you wish to add aditional addresses, use this field type. It will show the address in Google Maps.  
Lynkos will verify that the entered format belongs to a mail inbox. This field will be shown as a link. 
Choose a date from a calendar.
Dropdown List
This custom field type is useful when you want your team to select any value from a previously established group of values.(Ie. Studies: High School, Graduate, Posgraduate).
Only for whole numbers.
Entered data will be checked to validate percentage format. 
This field will allow you yes or no answers. 
Phone details for your contacts. 
Single line of text
This field type allows to enter up to 250 text characters.
Paragraph text
No text character limit field. 
Use this field to enter links to web pages. 
Dynamic list
Choose this type when you'd like to have a text field that can suggest to users any value that had already been entered by other users. 
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