How do I update my personal information?


To update your profile information follow these steps: 

1. Hover your cursor over Business (top menu)

2. Select Profile

3. Click the edition icons  to update the information of you company 

Segments of your profile you can edit:

Name - It refers to your company name. This is the name other businesses will see when they come across your profile in different parts of the network. 

About - In this segment you can change your public URL and enter a description of your company, including your industry, company size, produtcs, services and commercial presence. 

About us. This is where you can describe your company, what you do, the products and services you offer and its most prominent features.  

Industry. Select the industry your business belongs to (you can choose multiple industries if you need to). When other users filter the directory, this will make their search easier. 

Company size. Indicate how many people work in your company. 

Keywords. It refers to the products and services your company offers. Other businesses will be able to search these keywords to see companies who offer those products and services. 

Commercial presence. You can show the countries where your company has commercial bonds. 

Change your public URL. You public URL refers to the visible link in the browser when you or other user enters your profile. To change it, click the cogs icon 

Contact information - Edit your website, you company address, city, zip code, contact phone, business hours and social networks. 

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