How do I get started with Lynkos CRM?


Once you have registered you can follow these simple steps in order to get started with Lynkos CRM:

1- Complete your Profile. The information you complete in this section will be shown to every one you invite to collaborate in a Deal, a Case or a Project.

2- Import your Contacts. To begin managing your customer's relationships you must have a profile of each one. Lynkos allows you to import that information with just one click from Google, Excel, Linkedin o Highrise. 

3- Create your first Deal, Case or Project.

Do you have a customer who is interested in a product or service? Create a Deal and follow the process. 

Does a client have an inconvenience with a product? Open a Case and figure the best way to solve it. 

Do you have a development request? Create a Project, define its Milestones and start working on it.  

Deals, Cases and Projects allow you to invite your team to collaborate in order to achieve your goals efficiently. 

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