Custom Fields, Calendar and ease of access updates


Custom Fields

Custom Fields page now displays a dropdown list from where you can choose your type of custom field. This allows a better visualization and organization of your data in Contacts, Deals, Cases and Projects.



New fields, the possibility to invite your team and minor bug fixes have taken Calendar to a whole new level. Plus, alerts and notifications to everyone involved in an event. 

New Settings Menu

Access to your account settings is now better than ever. Preferences, Customization, Account & Billing, Integrations and Sharing; everything in your user menu.


 Add Button

Next to your search bar, now there's an add button for an easier and faster creation of every item in Lynkos. Access creation from anywhere and optimize your work.



Save & Add Another

Creation of Contacts, Deals, Cases and Projects has become easier with the Save & Add Another button. You can find it under the 'Create' button. Your current item will be saved and you'll be able to create a new one in a blink. 



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