About requests


Requests help your business solve their needs.  

You can create two kinds of requests: a bid request for the network or a direct request for specific businesses.

Creating a bid request for the network can help you discover new suppliers and makes the process simpler in case you do not know suppliers for the product or service you are requesting. Simply specify the product or service you need and Lynkos will find the best-qualified suppliers. Once the suppliers send their proposals, you will be able to choose a winner to get the job done.  

If you already have one or more suppliers in mind, you can create a direct request for those businesses. In this case, Lynkos will not look for additional suppliers and you will be able to choose a winner among the businesses you chose at the beginning.

How do I choose a winner?

To choose a winner you have to:

Select your request

Click on the proposal you like the better

Click on the accept icon

How should I name my request?

The name of your request must be short and descriptive of what you need. If what you require is a logo design, you can name your request “Logo design”. You can provide more details in the request’s description.

Can I specify criteria for the suppliers?

You can indicate if you want your suppliers from a particular country. You can also ask that he suppliers we search are from your connections (we will not send the request to suppliers outside your network).

Do I have to set a deadline?

Yes. Setting a deadline is necessary so that participants know the period in which they can send their proposals.   

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