Cotações, Pagamentos e Funções Melhoradas



You can now quote your Deals and send those quotes directly to your customers' inbox. After a Deal has been created you can select Quote and have a price quote delivered to your contact. 


You will be able to see to whom you will be sending your quote, set a validity period for it and add relevant observations. 


You can aslso see a preview of your quote. It will look something like this:




 Payments section is now availabe to help you track all of your customers' debts and payments. 

Also, you can now integrate with Freshbooks to send invoices to your Contacts and keep track of pending and collected payments.

New Filters

New filters are available for better data analysis and visualization. 

Here are a few examples of filters in Contacts and the best way to use them:

Tag filter - Given a group of tags, you can select whether you want the listing to show items with all of the tags you have selected, to show you items with at least one of the tags you have selected (any) or items with none of the tags you have selected.


Deals filter - You can filter contacts whether they have deals or not and by the status of a deal. You could select the filter 'with deals' and refine that filter by selecting the 'won' status, thus being able to see only contacts with won deals. Also, you could choose to see contacts without any won deals (or any status ou have created). 

Collaboration for Contacts

Now it is possible to invite other members of your team to collaborate in a contact. Simply select the 'Add people' button and choose your collaborators.

Dates editing

You can now edit your Deals, Cases and Projects dates. Simply select 'Edit', change the date and save.


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